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Executive Director Chen Nansheng

  Welcome to the website of Guangzhou Hangtong Shipbuilding and Shipping Co., Ltd. On behalf of all members of Hangtong, I hereby express heartfelt gratitude and sincere greetings. For years, Hangtong consistently commits itself to pursuing excellence in the process of cooperation to achieve win win situation with all sectors of society. 

  Hangtong shares mutual benefit with its customers. The operation philosophy of being honest in operation, strictly abiding by promises, focusing on quality and Customers first has penetrated in every link and process of company production, operation and management. Only if Hangtong keeps producing good products and promoting quality and service continuously can it deserve customers favor and trust, and constantly polish its brand with absolutely sincere effort.  

  Hangtong shares mutual benefit with its business partners. Good faith is gold and cooperation leads to mutual benefits. Hangtong’s development depends on substantial support from its business partners. Hangtong build a long-term cooperation relationship with equipment manufacturers and materials suppliers well-known home and abroad by means of operating in good faith from beginning to end. Mutual Trust & Mutual Benefit is our eternal tenet and commitment.  

  Hangtong shares mutual benefit with its shareholders. As a secondary subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Limited and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., Hangtong insistently insist on being responsible to its shareholders. Hangtong goes all out in forging ahead while being pragmatic. Hangtong consistently consolidates development foundation, promotes operation quality, scales up production value, extends brand’s influence scope, and fulfills its commitment to shareholders by development. 

  Hangtong shares mutual benefit with its employees. Talents are the soul of the development of an  enterprise. Hangtong consistently adheres to the concept of people  oriented , and caring for and loving employees. Hangtong lays emphasis on the promotion of employees’ competency and the construction of talents team. Hangtong constantly expands spaces for talents to grow and creates opportunities for employees. In recent years, employees’ income shows a steady increase with the development and expansion of business. The outcome of development benefits all employees.

  Hangtong will continue the path of win win development with its feet on the ground. Hangtong will keep being honest and united, and will set sails and spare no effort to cut through the wind and waves on its way towards the prospect of Building the World-Class Special Purpose Vessels Manufacturing Enterprise.

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